Subject: Re: arch advocates
From: Tom Lord <>
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 13:23:01 -0700 (PDT)

       Those companies want to make money.  They only manage technology as a
       means to that end, and the less technology they have to manage in
       order to make the same amount of money, the closer they can come to
       starting to make money again.

Ok -- I agree with the underlying point: that business should more or
less make sense from the "hard line" capitalist perspective.  The only
issues at debate here are strategy and tactics to achieve that aim.

I also believe that business should make sense in other dimensions
(as, I'd guess, do you) -- but let's not conflate the various

"Companies want to make money .... means to that end" -- true (by

[the rest] -- speculation and muddled thinking (*please*, not worth an
academic argument -- let's argue it in the specifics, not the

	You've asked for advice on rehabilitating your career and making
	sales.  I offer my advice; though I think little of my skill in such
	things, I think even less of yours.


	Don't insult potential customers.  

It's freekin hard.  I think I do better in person than via email.

	Don't persist in pestering people after they've told you to leave them
	alone, especially in public.

Here, however, we have an issue of socially responsible engineering.

I will not budge, unless convinced.   Insistence is not convincing,
because (honest to god) I'm fighting the unambigous precursors of
global, totalitarian fascism.

	Consider finding a job among people who've never heard of Michael
	Tiemann or Larry McVoy, whom you've insulted in this thread.  

I *hope* I share enough cultural state with Michael and Larry so that,
rather than insulting them, I have complimented them (and others) by
presenting them with something very challenging to deal with, in the
belief and informed-by-experience expectation that they can and will
rise to the cause.

	If someone rejects you, try to understand why.  

And, if their reasons are understandable, yet intolerable -- what
then?  That's where I'm at.

	Don't tell other people your opinions about their job

Just the opposite -- more people should do that sort of thing, not

	Don't declare your own bad qualities either

My contributions, while nearly universally underrated by
interlocutors, are far from perfect.  I declare my bad qualities in
order to try to undermine unintended side effects of my other

	Try to sell something that doesn't require a complete
	restructuring of your customers' business models.  arch
	doesn't, but your sourceware development model does.


"We can do it" -- that cool WWII poster of a woman with big arm