Subject: Re: arch advocates
From: Lynn Winebarger <>
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 16:12:03 -0500

On Thursday 29 August 2002 15:23, Tom Lord wrote:
>  [Deletia]
>           [From Kragen:]
> 	Don't persist in pestering people after they've told you to leave them
> 	alone, especially in public.
> Here, however, we have an issue of socially responsible engineering.
> I will not budge, unless convinced.   Insistence is not convincing,
> because (honest to god) I'm fighting the unambigous precursors of
> global, totalitarian fascism.

    You've got to be kidding.  The only one acting facist here is _you_.
    I don't know what this "budge" talk is about, you're talking to
private companies, they get to decide what's best for themselves (within
the bounds of the law, of course).
   If you believe there's some public interest at stake, the place to go
is Congress and/or regulators.  Short of that sort of determination,
what private companies do is their own business.  They don't have
to justify themselves to Tom Lord or anyone else (besides their
    If we were talking about government I could understand your
view, but not for a private company.

> 	If someone rejects you, try to understand why.  
> And, if their reasons are understandable, yet intolerable -- what
> then?  That's where I'm at.

     Then you walk away before they get a restraining order against you.