Subject: Re: Aside on micropayments
From: John Gilmore <>
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 20:03:46 -0800

> Micropayments are a red herring.  They only shrink the time scale on
> which customers buy software from one year to one minute.  They are no
> help at setting the price.

I think if people who FTP'd a copy of GNU software from prep could
trivially toss $1 or $3 at FSF, enough of them would do it to make it
worth collecting.  In that way micropayments can make it easy for
people to reward what they see as virtue; like giving a buck to the
street person who offers to wipe your windows at the gas station. 

You seem to be viewing micropayments as a way to dole out access to
proprietary software, like a minute-by-minute license manager
abomination.  They can enable much more.