Subject: Re: Open Source shareware?
From: "David Kaufman" <>
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 23:55:21 -0400

Claus Sørensen <> wrote:
> If none of your customers/users are interested in the source code they
> will proberly not buy it for the distribution costs.
> The distribution costs could be 20$ for burning, handling and
> shipping a cdrom with the code.

i agree.  most consumer (read "not developer") users, and *especially*
mac users are not interested in your sorce code.  a small fee, or level
of inconvenience may prevent *anyone* from downloading the source :-)

> You could also have a shareware version which has some limitations or
> irritations for people who has not bought the GPL version (free
> software is not gratis software).

i think you'd win more customer loyalty by adding some *extra* value to
the commercial version, than adding crippling, nagging and spying
nuisances to the shareware version.  how about a help file, a alick easy
installer, auto-update over the net features, etc.  that you only get
with the paid version?

> For older versions the source code is available through download so
> users can contribute to the old code which can be included in newer
> versions.

i agree with this too - i think the previous release (slick installer
and all) should b open-sourced.  after all, software never gets better
with age, but it may remain viable if interested users are able to
maintain it.  plus last year's freeware can be the the best advertising
for this years shareware!