Subject: Re: Mechanizing community information resources
From: Rich Morin <>
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 02:19:22 -0700

RM>> So, I have been musing about ways to integrate wiki-like interaction
RM>> into a "browser" that actually sits on my own system.

KS>All browsers sit on your system.  The datastream is distributed.

Imagine a system browser that can run arbitrary commands on the local
system, integrating the output with information collected by a local
daemon and information retrieved from a remote server.

KS>For interactively syndicated and distributed file locking, I'd start by
KS>looking at replacing the underlying RCS versioning engine of TWiki with
KS>something similar to Bitkeeper.  This includes both distributed logic
KS>and cache coherence, which are key to the problem. ...


KS>Wiki is most likely orthogonal to this ultimate end.  Wiki is one form
KS>of distributed documentation; its scope is document management.
KS>Specific implementations could support much of the functionality Rich
KS>describes.  The local file / filesystem interface would supply mechanism
KS>for browsing this repository (or repositories).  Specifying browsing
KS>targets to me sounds like something akin to specifying package
KS>repositories under Debian.   Relationships between data ultimately
KS>becomes a class of data itself, subject to a different (higher) level of

I mentioned Wiki because it is a well-known example of a collaborative
editing system, not because any particular wiki implementation is all
that close to what I want.

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