Subject: Books I've found useful
From: "Russell Nelson" <nelson@CRYNWR.COM>
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1993 15:20:41 EST

Here are some books I've found useful in my business:

Don Lancaster's _Incredible Secret Money Machine II_.  Available from
	the author, 602-428-4073, Box 809, Thatcher AZ 85552.
	Generally useful information on how to start a small business
	with minimal money and risk.  Good bootstrapping information.

Gerald Weinberg's _The Seccrets of Consulting_.  Oriented more at
	true consulting (as opposed to contracting).  Has a good
	chapter on pricing.  I got mine at Computer Literacy

Daniel Janal's _How to Publicize High Tech Product & Services_.
	Well, in spite of having this book, I haven't written a press
	release yet.  But when I do I'll know how to do it.  Janal
	Communications, 3030 Edwin Ave., Fort Lee, NJ 07024,

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