Subject: The Freedom Concept
From: (Gavin Thomas Nicol)
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 93 08:23:45 JST

Well, I'm happy to see this list. I think that as time goes
by, more and more free software will become available, either
as PDS or GNU. Why? well, we have universities cranking out a
ferocious amount of software, and hobbyists who create
programs for fun. As more and more people understand
programming, more, and better software will come about. 

A point will eventually be reached (after a long time), when
it will not be *necessary* to buy the applications you need.
Already on MSDOS this is starting to happen. Of course this
does not spell the end of commercial software houses, but it
does give FSB a niche market. As FSB's get better in their
service and offer a broader range of software, their niche
will become larger. Slowly but surely, they will become major
players in the application market. Things like networking,
OS, etc. may be where commercial software companies will be
the major players (though I hope *that* isn't true).

(All the above IMHO of course.)

Does anyone have any success stories to share?