Subject: Re: IP acquisition terms?
From: "Mark Rauterkus" <>
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 10:01:23 -0400

> I've come across an opportunity to buy back some software I wrote
> for a previous employer, with the intent of liberating it (making it
> available as open source, which the current owner has no particular
> interest in.)  Has anyone here done this kind of thing before, and
> have recommendations (sample contracts, recommended lawyers,
> horror stories)?  Thanks.
>    _Mark_ <>
>    The Herd Of Kittens

I've not done it with any measure of success, some time ago. But, some
tips/concepts to ponder:

- Keep the t-shirt rights. You might make more $ selling t-shirts than
software. ;)

- The "TO-BE-Free stage" -- when you get the code and a green light to make
it public -- is the time to generate much if not MOST of the outside
interest in the venture/project. Don't discount that leverage point in time.
People will pay for earlier access, perhaps helping to cover some of the
debt/acquire fees.

- Hold a clinic, seminar, trade show, vacation, cruise, roundtable, or
video-cast and charge $ for entry. Hold them in different corners of the
world, and at different stages, even months after the code has been released
as 1.0. Perhaps these can be a sub-event with a larger expo, such as a
pavilion. (Lake Tahoe is nice even in the summer.)


Mark Rauterkus