Subject: Re: Recommendations for Basic Economics Guide.
From: Ian Lance Taylor <>
Date: 11 Oct 2002 16:15:37 -0700

Ralph Corderoy <> writes:

> Having lurked on this list for a while it's clear that a big shortfall
> in my knowledge is that of economics.  Putting aside the jokes about
> three economists and four opinions has anyone got any suggestions for
> books covering the topic?  I'm especially interested in those that
> approach it from a small (software :-) business point of view and aren't
> *too* scholarly.

If you grew up in a capitalist country, economics is mostly common
sense wrapped up in jargon.  (Not that there's anything wrong with
that--you need precision when you want to talk seriously about common
sense, and that means you need jargon.)

That said, you can learn the jargon by reading one of Paul Samuelson's
intro books--he has books called Economics, Macroeconomics, and
Microeconomics, so you can pick what you are more interested in.  For
the average small business, you are probably more interested in
microeconomics, unless you have a lot of overseas sales or something.

Also the Cartoon Guide to Economics is actually pretty good, if you
can find a copy.