Subject: Re: A few here may have an opinion on this
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 11:41:52 +0900

>>>>> "Wendel" == Wendel de Joode <Wendel> writes:

    Wendel> I do not see how this (IRR) leads to the conclusion that
    Wendel> proprietary software is more productive for a country and
    Wendel> leads to a higher GDP.

It doesn't.  Given the data it was based on, it leads to the
conclusion that investment in software of any kind is more productive
than non-software investment, not to distinctions among software
investments.  Brian was questioning whether it's a bad thing if some
investment leaves the sphere of software development; my answer is
that it is indeed a very bad thing.

I explicitly acknowledged that the hypothesis that proprietary modes
are better at encouraging software production than free modes is
unproven.  However, if that hypothesis is true, then public
policymakers must consider it a strong point in favor of proprietary
modes of development because more software is evidently one of the
best ways to increase productivity in the economy.

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