Subject: Arguments to politicians in Denmark (trying again)
From:Claus Sørensen <>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 01:35:56 +0100 (CET)

Sorry if you have received this earlier (but the first post hasn't showed
up after 45 minutes but the later post where I tell I forgot the time in
the first one has arrived).

In Denmark there is a lot going on caused by the report "Open source
software in the digital public administration" from The Danish Board of
Technology October 10th 2002:

  English site:

I have just discovered that the site doesn't say that the whole report is
being translated which it stated a week ago - so please write to the
project manager Jan Opstrup Poulsen and ask for an English

  Danish site where you can download the report:

The board is translating the report to English (or are they...) at the
moment but it seems that Microsoft secretly brings FUD to the politicians
so the Danish Free Software/Open Source community would like some
assistance from you (I have followed this mailing lists for about a year
and I can identify lot of the brightest Free Software and Open Source
evangelists here who are business oriented too).

It is urgent because the Danish Ministry of Science hold the conference
"Open Source Software" where the CEO of Microsoft Denmark will attend as a
speaker and at the final panel discussion. Bruce Perens is also a
speaker. 300 people will attend the conference (link in Danish):

Time for the event:

   Wednesday 2002-10-30 08:30 UTC

You can read an unofficial translation of the report's conclusion and
recommondations here:

And these quotes are what we expect from the Danish politicians:

1. Open Source is not a trustworthy alternative.

2. Nobody controls Open Source Software so who is responsible if anything
   goes wrong?

3. The future information technology shall be be based on international
   standards - we will support the open standard XML.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

The most enjoyable greetings
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