Subject: Re: A few here may have an opinion on this
From: Chris Maeda <>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 15:15:59 -0800

I'm not sure exactly what your point is.  I read the link and
maybe you think I'm advocating more taxes, which I'm not.  My
position boils down to the following statement:

I think I can make more money faster with a proprietary software business.

Everything else I've written is an attempt to explain
why I think this.  And given my basic position, arguments
about how open source makes indirect contributions to
society are less interesting than arguments about how
proprietary software can make a direct contribution
to my personal net worth.


At 12:35 PM 10/27/2002 -0500, Russell Nelson wrote:
> writes:
>  > I never meant to say that govt should not
>  > use the lowest cost / most appropriate solution
>  > for any given problem.  I was merely pointing out
>  > the fact that govt tilting the playing field in
>  > favor of GPL could be a way of shooting itself in
>  > the foot at tax collection time since free software
>  > businesses are typically much less profitable than
>  > proprietary software businesses.
>Spoken like a true non-economist!
>This is another example of the broken window fallacy.  You might think
>"Gee, if I go around throwing rocks at windows, that will help
>glaziers.  They'll have more money to spend on food and clothing.
>That will help food and clothing vendors who will have more money to
>spend on their houses.  And so on and so on, helping everyone in the
>What you are missing is that the money spent to fix the window was
>available to be spent in other ways.  It is not new money, but instead
>re-allocated money.  By breaking a window, society is not improved,
>but is instead out the value of the window.
>Now, sez Professor Nelson, the remainder of the thinking is left up to
>By the way, Bastiat demolished this fallacy about 150 years ago.  If
>your understanding of physics was equally poor, you wouldn't know
>about the existance of atomic weapons, nor of atomic power.
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