Subject: OT: close textual analysis of the unofficial MIT anthem
From: Seth Gordon <>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 10:17:36 -0500

Tom Lord wrote:
> In addition to unionization, we need a consciousness-raising program
> plus a much stronger CPSR-like movement.  "We are, we are, we are the
> engineers, we can drink all of fourty beers...." (google for the
> lyrics variations, disregard the mysogynist verses, and attend to the
> "our job is to save your asses so piss off and let us do our thing"
> verses to get my point).

As an alumnus of a certain overpriced trade school who can sing, from
memory, more verses of "The Engineers' Drinking Song (Lady Godiva)" than
any of my friends can stand to hear, I cannot recall a single verse that
impiles "our job is to save your asses".

For your convenience, here is the closest thing I could find to a
canonical text (hmm, they've added some verses since I graduated):

"The market can remain irrational longer than you
 can remain solvent."  --John Maynard Keynes
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