Subject: Administrivia
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 12 Dec 1997 05:25:39 -0000

In case you were wondering about the flood of back-dated mail, I'd
botched the installation of a spam filter on the list.  The way it's
supposed to work (and now does) is that it sends your *first*
submission to the list to me to be approved.  Subsequent submissions
get autosent to the list.  Since most spammers don't spam the same
address twice in quick succession, that gives me a chance to remove
their name from the record of posters.

It also means that, when I go on site to do a qmail install next week
(Mon->Fri), I probably won't get a chance to forward those first
submissions.  So if you send mail to the list, and don't get your
submission back in a half-hour, re-send your mail please.

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