Subject: Re: on the horizon -- broadband filesystems v. distributions
From: Tom Lord <>
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 01:01:44 -0800 (PST)

       > but "broadband" has been around for years

The tech, yes, but not the impact.  I'm leaning towards predicting
WPA-style efforts to make it ubiq.  Legislators are dropping little
hints about its inevitability and importance to the economy -- that
makes me think there's a plan in the works.  Let's see in two years
when the economy decides the election.

	> As for booths in every airport - the booths started up a few
	> years back

Right -- whence the idea.

	> businessmen didn't really trust them
	> but wireless nets at airports [and around lots of starbucks]
	> are popping up 

D'oh!  You're right -- that's the form.  That'll teach me to pay more
attention to Wired.  All I wanted to point out was that global file
systems, X11, and open platforms do 90% of giving you your home
environment, everywhere, in a very practical way.  Wireless is fine
for that too.  I also meant to point out that _this has been done_ on
campuses, 1-2 decades ago, quite successfully, and quite cheaply (as
_you_ know).

	 > If you want something for FSB's to fear in this space, look
	 > at some of the things speculated for the
	 > HipTop/T-mobile SideKick... it's a GPRS "net everywhere,
	 > always" tool, for which the killer [or perhaps only :-)]
	 > app seems to be "video blogging."  There's talk of a
	 > developer program, but apparently the focus is on
	 > developing services that *the telcos can provide*, possibly
	 > as gateways to "real" services.  The platform only looks
	 > open at first glance, or at least that's how the
	 > speculation goes...

I'm not sure I get you.   Can you elaborate?

Anyway, it's not merely fear I want to spread -- it's strategy and
appropriate leadership roles.