Subject: Re: terms
From: "Joel N. Weber II" <>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 02:15:16 -0500 (EST)

   This suggests writing the license to say something like ``if you
   distribute this, you must make a good faith attempt to send a copy of
   the new sources (or diffs from a named version) to''

   This would be an additional restriction over and above those of the
   GPL, but it might not be so onerous as to discourage distribution.

Making this a legal requirement is a bad idea, but making this a request
is reasonable.

I once hacked the ftpd on the main GNU file server.  There were two
version, one for inside machines, and one for outside machines.
The one for inside machines was hacked to be able to deal with
accounts that didn't have passwords.  (It used to be the case that
some of us didn't have passwords.  Some of us wish that we could still not
have passwords...)  The version for the outside was hacked to only support
anonymous logins.  This was done because the machine in question didn't
accept logins from outside.  Allowing users who had passwords only on the
gateways to use ftp on this machine would have been more work than I would
care to deal with, and I didn't want those of us who didn't have passwords
to have more difficult lives than those who did have passwords.

The NetBSD people are far too fascist to care about making ftp usable
for people who choose to not have passswords.  So sending them patches
would have wasted my time and theirs.  This wasted time would lower
the quality of free software.