Subject: freedom
From: James Horton <>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 09:39:40 -0500 (EST)

I've read quit a few dribblings over what folks should do with their
free software, including how to license it. It's hard for me to believe
that anyone should dictate what the creator/author/hacker/coder
does with their software, other that the actual folks that 'do the work'.

Furthermore, as a technologist, I've been work on influencing chip
vendors, carriers, and equipment suppliers and other such entities
to support 'Voice over IP' since 1990. I've read lots of published
code, but rarely used any of it 'the way it is'. We at CFTnet , since
1991, have provided Internet access, and never restricted what folks do
with the access<i.e. they could be ISP's instantly> as long as the
agree to obey the law<God knows that's a BIG gray area>. Many of those
corporations now make hundreds/thousands times more money than we do, and 

Voice over IP will make the Web such a tiny aspect of the internet,
and will cause hundreds of billions of dollars to be transferred
to the average citizen. I'm working on a design, as are many hardware
developers, that allows a POTS-2500 regular telephone to be plugged
in along with the RJ11<telephone wire> to a ISA bus PC card, so normal
<non computer weenies> can tunnel long distance calls through the net.
Although I'm restricted from giving a complete design to the public
domain, I am allowed to publish a 'system approach' for any individual
or corporation to freely use. Look for this is a few months.......

Coupled with this I' providing a  voice/TCP-IP/Sonet solution, that
most dark fiber owners can use or contract with someone to implement
TCP/IP over OC192.

If SS7, The North American carrier standard is avoided entirely, then
no Taxes to any local, state, or Federal Agency are due, thus reducing
the real cost to voice/data/video traffic for any non carrier<ISPs>.
The internet truly will become the 'empowerment of the people' medium,
as billions of dollars in long-distance voice traffic, finds a lower 
cost home. Even the pack of thieves we recongnize as CONGRESS realize
the importance of keeping the Internet 'unencumbered', as they have 
passed a law that prohibits local, state and federal authorities from
taxing the Internet, since it is so important to America and the worlds
future. Funny, if you dabble in politics, 3 of the main issues now are
reform of the IRS, a second stab at telecom reform, and political election
reforms. Please, do not ever underestimate the power of greed/money/politics
in this country<I'll write a book on my experience oneday>.

The best value in published software<source_code> is it allows us
to read and learn, so we may provide for ourselves and others, and not
run to the local software store, buy a product, and spend hours
in stimulus-response mode of determining how the software actually works.
If it was simple to 'grab the code' and make millions of dollars, we'd 
all be rich. If you want to be rich, go the LAW school, as I have to
pay telecom  lawyers 400-500/hour to 'get shit done'. GTE although
pathetic as a carrier, recently offered 28 billion, in cash for MCI,
yet they have snowballed the Florida Public Utility Commission, to the
point that Telephone line conditioning is no longer available, because
their quality<GTE> has increase to the point that all phone lines
are guaranteed to have a 9600 baud throughput. Amazingly with  the
rollout of 56k<53.3> modems, very few home owners are getting more 
than 33.6, due to line quality problems. But, GTE has spent billions of
dollars rolling out cable modems, that competive ISPs cannot not gain
access to resell.

Writing software, and freely distributing the code is likened to how
medicine use to be, back when doctors took the 'hippocratic oath' to
be healers and not thieves praying on the misfortunes of others, that
the legal community has now force on them, so they can maintain their
golf game.

Likewise we, all who contribute freely to the benefit of others,
demonstrate a 'higher calling' than that of greed.

If you are interested in the next big thing on the net, that most all
carriers are unwilling to deploy, then look into voice over IP.

Some of the relevant RFCs are: 2171 - 2176, that relate to how TCP/IP
will be carried in bulk directly over an optical carrier, like SONET.

Also, look into DSVD, or Digital Simultaneous Voice over Data modems,
cause that  interoperable modem standard will allow dialup ppp  users
to use part of their modem connection bandwidth to move low_latency
voice traffic from their audio equipped PC to anyone else with similar

Personally, I salute the persons that contribute to the betterment of others,
regardless of their license restrictions or lack their of. WE are, after
all a collection of individuals, so why are we to expect more than a 
myriad of semantics regarding what we give to others?

The power and reward of a gift, is primarily in the giving, as those who
receive the gift are often in need.

Merry Christmas to all!


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