Subject: RE: [coallesced replies] Re: how to create 21,780 new free software jobs (2,530 in R&D)
From: "Larry M. Augustin" <>
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 09:35:59 -0800


Numerous people have already commented on the merits of your proposal.
Here is a suggested way to validate your idea without needing to
convince a lot of people to fund you.

Find a Linux and/or BSD friendly ISP in the Bay area.  Offer them a
percentage of each customer that signs up in return for them providing
the customer list, hosting space for the servers, and customer billing
services.  You will have to raise prices to give them their cut.  I
suggest $15 per month, of which $5 goes to the ISP.

Now market your service to their customer list.  Bootstrap the business
this way.  Initially you are the only support staff, but you can grow
and add people as more customers sign up.  If you are successful, you
can offer the same deal to other ISPs.  The ISP will be excited because
they now have another service to offer on their network that is
essentially pure profit for them.

I suggest starting in Silicon Valley because you are in the area, there
is a high population density, you are likely to find Linux users, and
you are likely to find an ISP that is Linux friendly and potentially
willing to gamble on your idea.


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