Subject: Re: free software parallel - environmentally friendly sector?
From: Ian Lance Taylor <>
Date: 10 Nov 2002 12:50:09 -0800

Bjorn Reese <> writes:

> Rob Helmer wrote:
> > I'd say that far fewer understand the difference between "free" and
> > "non-free" ( let's just say "proprietary" and "non-proprietary"
> > for now ) software, and fewer still feel that there is a moral
> > dilemma in choosing one or the other.
> What is the moral dilemma for consumers?

The dilemma is: should I encourage an environment which may yield a
higher quality, more flexible, more democratic software
infrastructure, at the cost of some personal inconvenience, or should
I maximize my immediate personal computer usage while encouraging an
environment which may not serve me and the world as well in the long

Obviously one can quarrel with my depiction of the two sides of the
argument, but, despite the comment in the earlier post, the same is
true of the two sides of the recycling argument.  If you accept the
description of two sides as approximately accurate, then you have to
make your choice.  Most consumers don't know about the two sides of
the free software argument, but, then, I remember when most people
didn't know about recycling.