Subject: Fund Raising!!!!!!
From: <>
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 05:10:15 -1100

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How would you like to have an easy way to raise funds that will automatically send your
organization sizable checks each month? Now you can.

My name is Mike Haines and I am a representative of a unique Internet buyer's club.
After being in business for over five years and gaining millions of Members, we are
now offering a fantastic new "Affinity Group" program to help organizations like yours
to raise money. Here's how.

In July, 2002 we launched an exciting, new national ISP (Internet Service Provider)
which offers premium internet access for only $14.95 per month and includes five email
addresses, a personal web page and a special "Kids Zone" section designed to entertain
and educate children, while protecting them from going to undesirable web sites.

Now here is the good news for you. Under our new "Affinity Group" program, your organization
can send out flyers to sign up subscribers and your organization will receive $2.00
per month for each subscriber that signs up.

One hundred subscribers means $200 per month for your organization, or $2,400 per year!
If your organization signed up 500 subscribers, that would mean $1,000 per month income
or $12,000 per year! What if you signed up 1,000 subscribers or more?
In addition to being very profitable, it also provides your organization with a monthly
cash flow without additional fundraising and it is so easy to do! Just have your members
hand out flyers that have your Affinity Group's ID number on them and then when a person
signs up, you get the credit each and every month they remain a subscriber.

There is no investment necessary and no money for you to collect. Just sign up for free
and become a "Affinity Group" Member. I will then send you a " Promotional Pack" that
includes sample flyers and instructions on how to launch a successful campaign. (You
can even hold contests to reward the persons that sell the most subscriptions.) Just
get the flyers out and you can collect a check each month, beginning the month after
your first subscribers sign up for the ISP Service!

Now don't wait to take advantage of this offer. Why? Because soon, other representatives
will be signing up subscribers, businesses and other Affinity Groups in your area and
once someone is a subscriber to the service, you won't be able to sign them up and get
the credit. Don't delay, sign up today and I will send you a free, no obligation and
no risk " Promotional Pack" so you can get started. 

For more information and to get started, send me at email:

I look forward to hearing back from you and working with you to help you start a successful
sign-up campaign. Your fundraising worries are almost over!

Sincerely Yours,

Mike Haines

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