Subject: Re: Paper on dual licensing
From: David Kaufman <>
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2002 11:02:34 -0500

"Mikko Valimaki" <> wrote:
> I've recently edited a draft paper on dual licensing with case studies
> on Sleepycat, MySQL and TrollTech licensing policies. It can be found
> here as a pdf:

why not include Snort?  to me, their dual licensing strategy is the most
interesting.  it seems that the Snort developer(s) are the only ones yet who
dual-*brand* their product as well as dual-licensing it!  visiting open source users are scarcely aware of the proprietary
SourceFire product and company (at, and vice versa.

giving the commercial product a differnet name, bundling it with additional
proprietary features, and playing down the fact that there even *is* an
open-source alternative has always seemed to me an obvious business model.
it may seem a bit deceptive, but really it's no more deceptive than selling
Chrysler cars under the Mitsubishi brand, is it?