Subject: RE: Linux in Government list
From: "Matthew Langham" <>
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 13:42:26 +0100


can you repost the Linux journal link. It doesn't work.



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Subject: Linux in Government list

I have been doing some work with various government agencies here in
Costa Rica. I was recently asked to help one deal with Microsoft FUD and
what amounts to outright bribes to try to get rid of Linux servers and
turn one organization into an all-Microsoft shop. 

After meeting with a few people here I realized there was generally a
common theme related to moving Linux into government agencies. We came
up with three issues: technical, user politics (that is, "this looks
different than what I am used to") and management politics (all the
usual FUD). We also felt that the problems and approaches needed were
generally different in dealing with government situations than
for-profit business.

We decided to start a mailing list to let people who are dealing with
these problems (that is, government employees and consultants trying to
get Linux and other open source software into government) share their
experience. The list was first mentioned in an article I wrote about the
problems for the Linux Journal site (which you can find at We are well on our way to our
first 100 members. There are a lot of people outside the US on the list
and I think we are going to see some pretty interesting discussion.

I would like to invite FSB list members who have some experiences in
this area or those who are just interested to join the list. The sign-up
page is at

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