Subject: Re: terms
From: "Brian J. Fox" <>
Date: 12 Dec 1997 21:27:07 -0000

   Date: Sat, 6 Dec 1997 21:37:14 -0500
   From: Brian Bartholomew <>

   > If rms decided to quit programming and play his recorder in France
   > while dancing to Renaissance music, there is a good chance that your
   > Junkware distribution would be the only venue for your changes to
   > ls. ... Would that make your work available conveniently and for a
   > low price?

   The cheap availability is provided by the FSF ftp site, not any
   particular programmer's skills.  And you seem to be omitting the and sunsite's of the world.  I would hope the FSF ftp server
   is maintained by a student, so the expert programmers can apply their
   skills to more strategic tasks.

I guess I'll have to be very explicit from now on.

If the FSF ceased to exist, and no new software was being created
under the name of "GNU", a brand name for free software would be lost.
The effect of losing the one brand name in free software would be that
the collaboration and distribution efforts would be widely dispersed
instead of centrally located.  This, in turn, lowers the confidence
level of free software consumers as to the quality of that software..

Cygnus is a sub-brand name of GNU, and relies heavily on the GNU
branding for quality perception.

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