Subject: Thoughts on free trade and white collar workers
From: "Benjamin J. Tilly " <>
Date: Sun, 02 Feb 2003 22:47:01 +0500

This came up on another discussion board, but I think that
enough of it relates to fsb to mention it here.  Someone
else had pointed out the following article on the ongoing
migration of US white-collar jobs around the world:

This triggered a response from me about why free trade is
supposed to work, and what relative advantages I see the US
as continuing to have.  The idea of relative advantages of
course relates to the nature of competency.  Which brings
up an idea that I have but don't feel that I have properly
integrated which relates back to fsb.  And that idea is the
value and importance of identifying key operating dynamics
and trust to working with them, rather than trying to
create a guarantee that things will remain as they are.

This relates to this list because the success of free
software depends on trusting initially counter-intuitive
dynamics to play out.

My full response is at
and feedback (private or public) would be appreciated.

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