Subject: Re: Help with Ransom Licensing
From: Adam Theo <>
Date: Sun, 02 Feb 2003 18:26:19 -0500

Hi Rufo.

As Brian Shire said, the Ransom model is new, and still in infancy, but 
progressing quickly. We already have a draft of a Ransom contract up on 
the website [], and I expect it will be 
usable (well, "complete, but use at your own risk" to be precise) in a 
month's time. A couple of months after that the contract will be looked 
over by a real lawyer experienced in intellectual property and internet 
law (payed for out of my own pocket if need be), and will then be safe 
to use in wide deployment.

Your desire to share the Ransom amount with the individual developers is 
a good idea, and one we will be incorporating into the Ransom model 
eventually (create a simple contract agreement for the Ransoming party 
and the individual developers to use).

I suggest signing up for the Ransom Development mailing list at 
Theoretic []. Tell us 
what you need to do, and we'll help you do it.

rufo guerreschi wrote:
> Dear all,
> We have not found one free sofwtare business model (or cocktail of) that
> will make us reasonably to recoup our $150,000 investment and still
> increase the availability of good free sofwtare out there.
> We are considering a Ransom GPL License which we could modify to allow
> those developers submitting valuable patches to get a share of the
> rasnom price at the time of release of the code under GPL.
> We would like to discuss this option with experts of delayed-GPL and
> Ransom licensing.
> -----------------
> Rufo Guerreschi

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