Subject: Re: hmm
From: Robin 'Roblimo' Miller <>
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 09:23:50 -0500

 >>be, at _best_ homeless.  I really don't get an FSB industry that
 >>collectively decides to simply discard capable people.
 >I really don't get a music industry that decides to simply "discard" 
 >musicians. I don't see why the really excellent artists that I know 
have day
 >jobs in offices and factories to pay the bills, but they do.

I may not have learned much in 50 years of life, but one lesson has been
slammed into my face over and over:

"Life is not fair."

There is a much higher "luck" component to both success and failure
(however you define them) than I believe is commonly admitted,
especially by those who have had some bit of success in life and want to
believe it proves they are more able than others, not that they were
just in the right place at the right time while other equally talented,
hard-working people weren't.

This applies not only to music and free software, but to everything in
life. It explains the popularity of religions that promise an afterlife
where those who deserve (or feel they deserve) more than they've gotten
on this earth will get their reward. (See Mark Twain's "Captain
Stormfield's Visit to Heaven" and other religious works for more on this

- Robin