Subject: Re: hmm
From: Seth Gordon <>
Date: 26 Feb 2003 10:00:44 -0500

On Tue, 2003-02-25 at 21:42, Tom Lord wrote:
> In a few days (< 5) I'll be, at _best_ homeless.

No.  At best, you will have to choose between working at a job that is
beneath your skills in order to pay your share of the rent on an
apartment that you live in with roommates, and being homeless.

The summer after I graduated from MIT, I had to hustle for temp jobs to
pay for rent and food.  The last temp job I had before landing full-time
work was as a third-shift data-entry clerk for UPS.

I would love to live in a society where nobody had to do such
mind-numbing labor in order to survive.  However, I don't see how *me*
giving *you* money is going to bring us any closer to that society. 
Especially since I, myself, am currently unemployed.

"*This* is the crack team that has foiled my every plan?  I am *so*
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