Subject: Re: Intro and question
From: Alan Hudson <>
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 10:02:32 -0800

Faber Fedor wrote:

> Everything I read assumes I've got 100K USD lying around or can get it.
> Well, I don't and I can't.  The people I talked to had or borrowed 10 -
> 100 K USD; they're a bit secretive on how the got it/borrowed it to
> boot.
The most likely source is credit cards or maybe friends/family.  Most of 
the small business folks I know have dipped into credit cards to make 
ends meet while starting a business.  Its costly and fairly risky, but 
all too common.

> So is it possible to bootstrap a business-with-employees?  Anyone know of
> cases or sources that I can look up?
The business you describe shouldn't be too capital entensive.  Keep your 
costs low.  Beyond the core group starting the company we have only 
hired contractors.  I've been very clear that continued work is 
dependant on future contracts.  Most importantly, we are not their only 
clients.  FSB's seem to rely heavily on the community of open source 
programmers.  A lot of these programmers are basically free agents.  Be 
straight with them and they can accomadate flexible schedules.

Alan Hudson
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