Subject: Re: Intro and question
From: Rich Bodo <>
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 13:29:32 -0800 (PST)

I went to score ( a few times.  The people I talked to
covered really, really basic stuff.  Somtimes it's just good to have
someone to discuss things with.  I looked into loans for veterans or
the disabled with the SBA, but they don't really have anything I can't
get at a bank.  If you can qualify for a loan through them, they can
gaurantee a large portion of it, so you only have to put up, say, 1/3.
AFAIK, you don't get any better terms, you just get more funding.
There might be some grant info on their site somewhere.


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On Thu, 27 Feb 2003, Alex wrote:

> Any of the US people here ever use the small business administration?
> Are they actually useful?  (I've got a vague sense their idea of small
> starts at around 5-10 employees and $500k annual revenue, but I'm
> not at all sure where I got that idea.)
> ---Alex
> > Faber Fedor wrote:
> >
> > > Everything I read assumes I've got 100K USD lying around or can get it.
> > > Well, I don't and I can't.  The people I talked to had or borrowed 10 -
> > > 100 K USD; they're a bit secretive on how the got it/borrowed it to
> > > boot.
> > >
> > The most likely source is credit cards or maybe friends/family.  Most of
> > the small business folks I know have dipped into credit cards to make
> > ends meet while starting a business.  Its costly and fairly risky, but
> > all too common....