Subject: Re: Intro and question
From: Rich Bodo <>
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 11:46:58 -0800 (PST)

On Fri, 28 Feb 2003, Faber Fedor wrote:

> >From what I gather, my clients are hiring *me* and my expertise.  Now,
> my expertise is easily replicated in others (although I don't think my
> trouble-shooting skills are), but I'm not easily replicable.  I wat to
> extricate myself (I think) so I can take a vacation. Just like Gerber
> says. :-)

O.K. concentrate on marketing.  You get everything through your
website, so build google foo.  Get signed up on every list of
consultants you can find on the net and make sure there is a link to
your website.  Make some collateral and bring it to local trade shows
and mail it to your existing customers.  Make sure you have a
spreadsheet with a list of all your customers, and make sure every one
of them gets a letter in the mail thanking them and describing the
new, cool service that your can provide with your consultants.

Give a few jobs to a few consultants, rather than all jobs to one.
Find out which consultants are interested in becoming more involved
and let them know exactly what your situation is: You want to take a
vacation.  After some time take the best one aside and ask them to
help you take that vacation by staffing the office and managing

> > You browse
> > through the sales and marketing sections at your local bookstore for
> > motivation here, but IMHO, you will need experienced mentors in your
> > field for input on this.
> Which is what I'm doing here.  I think an FSB is different enough that I
> need to talk to other FSBers.

I should have said "in your market".  The term FSBer is vague and
orthogonal to the discussion.  It just so happens that you might find
a mentor here, but you will get it from people who have grow a
business around selling IT services.

> WOM is simply not working for me.  All of my clients, save one, I've
> gotten through my web page (the other was a fellow I met in Tai Chi who
> then went to my web page :-).  When I ask for referrals, none of my
> clients can think of anyone (but they continuously call me back in for
> work).  I've got the same problem when I ask my friends to hook me up
> with women. :-)

Two problems are one, grasshopper.  Grow your business just a little
bit, and you will never have time to worry about your problems with
women again.  ;)


P.S. I looked at E-myth again and I have the revisited version as well.