Subject: Re: $1,250
From: Tom Lord <>
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 22:05:56 -0800 (PST)


	> Are you _really_ sure I'm _that_ wrong?   


Why, given the fact that that which you say is wrong has, in fact,
advanced my revenue and chances for survival?  And additionally, is it
too much to ask you to consider the actual technology under
consideration and, in particular, its implications for the industry?
The hostility of an FSB list to an FSB that has produced revenue and
avoided failing in the current economic climate seems, um, a bit


       I hear they're all hiring, even in Silly Valley.

Statistically, you are flat out wrong.  What one hears of more often,
around here, is of those fast food frachises having stacks and stacks
and stacks of useless resumes from tech (and other) workers in my
situation and worse.

Hey, man, at least I've been _trying_ to institute arch in a way that
creates (at least) O(5) new tech jobs.  At least I'm trying to address
the problems of bringing together some of the best software
engineering thinking and hacker cultures with business.  Howsabout

	[you support your wife rant]

Yes, but, now what exactly is the analogy?

     	Personally, I think my greatest talent is drinking bourbon,
	but so far I have failed to find anyone who is willing to give
	me $1250 to do it --

I find that people are willing to give me that kind of money because,
for example, "I have seen some of your work (arch, scheme, etc.) and
they are excellent Free Software.  I also saw your message post to
numerous mailing lists.  I don't know the details but it seems you are
in financial trouble" and "You are a world-class programming talent."

While this is certainly a base level of commercializing free software,
it is, nonetheless, a non-zero, partially successful model that is
keeping at least one free software hacker alive in very difficult
times.  One could reasonably argue, I think, that if you are a vendor
trying to decide where to invest, following such leading individual
investments is a plausible heuristic.  Have I previously mentioned my
idea of giving lots of senior engineers low-budget corporate credit
cards for this very purpose?

	Get a job, Tom.

Working on it.  Here and elsewhere.  Making at least incremental
progress, thank you very much.