Subject: Re: $1250
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Date: Sun, 02 Mar 2003 22:34:41 +0900

>>>>> "ghovs" == ghovs  <> writes:

    ghovs> In all the time I've looked for a job, I never made
    ghovs> incremental progress. I got a job or I didn't. That's all
    ghovs> the increments there are, unless you're talking part-time
    ghovs> work?

I got my first job in teaching by the book (ie, I sent out resumes,
went to the job market meetings and presented a paper besides meeting
with potential employers).  All the other jobs I've ever held, and all
but one of the really good opportunities that didn't work out, were
because I was in the right place at the right time talking to the
right person.

And yes, you can work your way up the food chain and you can sense
when you're really getting close to the mother lode.  Few of my jobs
were that way, but a couple were, and I watched it happen when my
then-wife bailed out of her first job a few weeks before the company
got bought for its NYSE listing, all the employees fired, and the
physical assets sold for a song to the main competitory.  She knew at
first that the jobs weren't going to happen to her, but a few days
before she got the big offer, she told me "it's gonna be this week,
and it's gonna be good".  She was right---and it was a really smart
interviewer who said "no way are you right for the job I've got, but
call Jo at XXX-XXXX _now_, tell her I sent you; she's got a job with
your name on it open, or it was on Tuesday."  She did, and she did.

I dunno if that's what Tom meant, but yes, Virginia, there is such a
thing as "incremental progress in job search."

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