Subject: Re: Asian Alliance to develop open source software.
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 19:43:39 +0900

>>>>> "Taran" == Taran Rampersad <> writes:

    Taran> It says the Japan Information Technology Services Industry
    Taran> Association (JISA)

Their home page says nothing of the kind, not in English or in
Japanese.  In fact, 15 minutes of browsing shows no mention whatsoever
of F/OSS.  I'll check again later; the page is positively moldy.  I
don't think they're using a Wiki.  ;-)

    Taran> Does anyone know what licensing they are using?

I doubt _they_ have any idea yet.  I wouldn't be surprised if they
have a deal where members are allowed to create proprietary versions,
and the public release is GPL.

At least in Japanese industry the profile of open source is incredibly
low.  My colleagues boggle when I show them the back cover of The
Economist, which usually (2-3 times/ month) features the word "Linux"
prominently (Oracle and IBM ads, of course).  A desultory perusal of
the current issue of 300 Japanese magazines came up with only ~120 ads
mentioning well-known OSS, and of those 95% were in the dozen
magazines devoted to Linux or *BSD.

Things are a little bit better in the local governments because of the
budget crunch.

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