Subject: Re: Research questions WRT SCO's complaint
From: C H Forsyth <>
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 09:45:36 0000

>>you've not forgotten any.  Your list looks pretty complete, but what
>>about 386BSD and Coherent UNIX?

Coherent was deliberately not UNIX or a UNIX derivative, but
one of the first UNIX clones (if not the first),
developed from scratch by Mark Williams (a company, not a person!),
and thus did not use the trademark.
AT&T did some investigation but (probably grudgingly)
concluded it was a distinct implementation of the published interfaces.
I was told once that the investigation included the
execution of a set of shell commands
to probe for obscure undocumented features that might
have been present if the Coherent authors had secretly used UNIX code.

It was amusing how many things not in the documentation were
indeed not implemented by Coherent yet were found to be relied on by UNIX
programs when ported.