Subject: OT: Trip planning
From: "Benjamin J. Tilly " <>
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2003 20:47:09 +0500

I am currently planning a long road trip on the West
Coast of the US from the start of May through mid-June.
I will be ranging from Victoria, BC through to LA.
There are several reasons for this trip, ranging from
meeting lots of family to deciding where I want to move

One of those goals is meeting some of the people that I
know from this list.  Therefore if you are in that
general geographical area and feel like meeting me,
please send me your general location, contact
information, and any major schedule limitations that I
need to avoid.  I can't promise that I will squeeze in
everyone, but I will make the attempt.  I will try
extra-hard in the unlikely case (yeah, I know what the
economy is like) that words like "hiring" are thrown
around... ;-)

And yes, I am well aware that if I just pushed this
trip a bit later, I could aim for the OSDN conference
in Portland in July which would be convenient for a
whole lot of people.  Unfortunately the timing of this
trip was somewhat out of my control and that does not
look like an option this year. :-(

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