Subject: Re: Open Source Developer Exchange (Economics)
From: Robin 'Roblimo' Miller <>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 17:03:59 -0400

>I guess in this case you also may want to say how you are 
>different than the other failed experiments that you mention.
>I believe they failed because they couldn't deliver solutions
>faster and cheaper than the competition and the problem was
>not inadequate project management infrastructure.

Reality check:

I don't think all the cool Webified flow charts and explanations in the 
world can beat a *knowledgable* human sitting down with a potential 
client, learning what that client really needs (and what the client 
*thinks* he or she needs, which may not be the same thing), adding a 
little creativity  ("Have you considered _____?"), then coming back with 
a well-planned presentation. And, of course, following up and modifying 
the original proposal as needed until the deal is closed.

This is especially important when selling new concepts that take a lot 
of explanation.

- Robin