Subject: Re: gdb
From: Joseph Arceneaux <>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 12:31:40 -0800

   Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 13:33:01 -0700
   From: Richard Stallman <>

       A related issue here is the GUI.  rms has been consistently against
       devoting any effort to GUIs

   I am very much in favor of working on GUIs and I always have been.  I
   don't know how you reached the opposite conclusion, but you ought to
   be more careful before telling other people negative generalizations
   about someone.

Let me restate this more clearly - it is my *personal* opinion, based
upon years of observation and interaction, that GUI
development/enhancement is not a priority of the GNU project, and
particularly, not of yourself.

I do recall a statement made by yourself to me years ago, essentially
to the effect that it was better to devote GNU resources to things
other than GUIs.

Finally, taking GDB as an example since it started this discussion,
when I see a) the continued lack of features like graphical display of
breakpoints, or highlighting the current line, b) know that these are
not difficult to implement, and c) have examples of how working code
sent to implement this stuff is not installed, then I must conclude
that this is not a priority.

       E.g., I sent rms changes to gud.el which, amoung other things, replace
       the stupid ascii arrow pointer with a highlighted line which is much
       easier to see.  This is only about 10-20 lines of code, but he never
       installed it.

   Every day I find out about many things that might be useful for me to
   do.  Every day some of them get lost in the shuffle.  You can't
   generalize from this.

This may well be, and I completely understand this problem.

I am only saying that if there was in fact real attention paid to GUI
issues, then I think that Emacs would have long-ago supported some of
the GUI features provided by ddd, xgdb, or whatever.

Recently someone was telling me how much more they preferred working
with Microsoft's debugger (over GDB) because of these GUI features,
and that saddened me.

I think that rather than discussing the history of why this situation
came to exists, I'd like to hear about how it's going to be improved.


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