Subject: Re: SCO Drops Linux, Says Current Vendors May Be Liable (fwd)
From: (Jonathan Corbet)
Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 08:34:01 -0600

> What's more interesting is if there's a less clear link - code that *looks
> like* or *embodies some ideas from* SCO source code that IBM licensed -
> then you're going to find SCO asking the court to define a new litmus test
> for when software is a derivative work.

To me, this is the scary scenario.  SCO is already making all kinds of
noise about how code was "obfuscated" to hide its proprietary origins.  So
now you have some judge deciding whether some chunk of Linux is an
obfuscated version of Unix.  And that process, I would say, is
nondeterministic at best.  It depends on the clue level of the judge, and
that's frightening.