Subject: Re: Open Source companies with offices in San Francisco?
From: J Camp <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 10:44:11 +0200

> >>>>> "Brian" == Brian Behlendorf <> writes:
>     Brian> I'll be using the Largo and Munich examples, but if someone
>     Brian> knows of other good municipal examples (especially if
>     Brian> you're aware of any cross-municipal projects, e.g. an open
>     Brian> source project for software used by food banks or libraries
>     Brian> or schools) that would be deeply appreciated.  It's a short
>     Brian> meeting so we don't need overwhelming evidence, just enough
>     Brian> to know they aren't the only ones who'd be giving this a
>     Brian> try.

I know that Somerville MA has embraced open code at the operations level. 
The CIO there is Patrick McCormick.

A journalist from a major government IT rag, Tom Temin now Sr VP Post 
Newsweek Tech Media could provide leads

Terry Bolliger, the author of the open code in the DoD.

For an brief analytical work on where open code might be most useful 
--based on governmental characteristics -- contact Carlos Osorio at MIT.

I hope this helps.

best regards,