Subject: Books, Mags and More...
From: Taran Rampersad <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 21:02:26 -0500

After the FLOS Caribbean conference, and some time to digest a lot of 
things - I considered the fact that it's really quite difficult to find 
hard-copy books and magazines *locally*.

Certainly Amazon/B&N/ have these books, and they 
can be ordered via the bitstream - BUT - many people in the Caribbean 
don't have credit cards. It's a bit of a problem advocating FOSS usage 
when people want books, and can go to any bookstore and pick up 
Microsoft paraphernalia but can't do the same with magazines and books 
related to FOSS. And try as I might - as well as other members of the 
TTLUG and TTCS (Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society) - local book 
sellers don't really supply what we request...

Maybe we should bring the books in ourselves.

So - to really such a proposition - market research is required, but I'm 
not certain what sort of market research we should be looking at. the 
market *potential* for the Caribbean is there...

 Has anyone done something like this, or have any ideas?