Subject: Open House
From: Rich Bodo <>
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2003 23:48:31 -0700 (PDT)


	The short version: party in mountain view. invite below.

	More evidence that if geeks meet in a coffee shop often
enough, they will eventually rent the office next door and start
meeting permanently and with more gear.  

	But what, I ask, is an office without a T1?  Will our intrepid
geeks will start a business to pay for all this?  Yes.  Will it
support their hobby?  Well, they aren't quitting their day jobs.  So
here's what we came up with:

	I look at that site and think...
	What. a. boring. story!  @*@*@*@*@*@*@???  Well, I'll tell
you.  Free pizza.  That's right.  Open House this Friday, and we have
free pizza.

	Even if you don't ask me, I will probably try to explain to
you my model for a world wide educational system that works slightly
better than the one we have now, and no one has to get nailed to a
cross, nor does the planet earth get destroyed to make way for a
hyperspace bypass.  I may also try to explain why free is such a
powerful word, or recite one of my three jokes.

	Everyone needs a good clean hobby.  Why not geek out and teach
people once a month?  Or attend totally unknown and obscure parties in
far off lands.

Here is the open house invitation:

	We cordially invite you to the Open House of the Freedom
	Technology Center on the 8th of August from 7:00PM to 10:00PM.
	The center is located at 278 Hope Street Suite E in Downtown
	Mountain View, around the corner from The Dana Street Roasting
	Company.  Please see

	We will have good food, good drink, good conversation, and
	hopefully a good healthy T1 by the time of the event.  We'll
	also tuck in some video and pinball games for the adults.

	The Freedom Technology Center is a non-profit educational
	corporation.  We welcome the local community to the center to
	socialize and to discuss the organization of community
	training in the immediate future.

	Our plan for the center:

	On weekends, we will be hosting free, high-quality technical
	training by and for the local community.  Prerequisites will
	be at the instructors discretion, but will not include formal
	education of any kind.  We want to involve the community in
	the organization of the center.

	During the week, we will make the facility available to
	instructors for paid training by appointment.  For now, we
	will conduct business at the f.t.c. every weekday, and will
	not normally be able to host community events during those

	We are looking to create a first class educational experience
	through constant improvement of our facility and on-line
	resources.  We will soon install a CMS on our website that
	will help organize all this.

	Feel free to bring along friends/family.  Look forward to
	seeing you there.


Rich Bodo | | 650-964-4678