Subject: Investment Proposal
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2003 03:22:50 +0200


TEL: +27-82-845-5725

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Dear Sir,

I am MR. JAMES ZUMA, the Chief Auditor of a commercial Bank here in South Africa. I
got your contact address from the world trade journal and after going through your profile
I decided to transact this business with you believing that you will not betray the
trust that I want to bestow in you.

Recently, as I was working officially on old files in the bank records department, I
discovered a resident account which was opened in 1980 and was last operated in 1992.
The account owner was a geologist by profession with the Kruger Gold Company here in
South Africa. Unfortunately he died in 1992 and since then the account has not been
operated. He does not have in our record either a next of keen or another signatory
to the account that could possibly claim the money in his account. He in his record
has a sum of US$7 Million (Seven Million United States Dollars) in his account.

I need a trustworthy foreign account details and someone to assist me transfer this
money to his/her confidential offshore account. With my position now in the bank, I
can organize this transfer to any reliable offshore account with an assurance that this
money will be intact pending my physical arrival in your country. 

I will destroy all the documents relating to this money leaving no trace of it. You
can also come to down to South Africa to discuss with me formally if you so wish.I intend
to invest my own part of the money in any profitable business in your country on your
advice. Be rest assured that you stand no risk of any kind as all the modalities for
the transfer has been well perfected with my position.

I count on your sense of confidentiality, as it is my desire that you keep this proposal
to yourself. After the transfer, you will get 25% of the total money, 70% will be for
me, while 5% will be for the expenses that will be incurred in the process of the transfer.

Contact me immediately with the above private tel/e-mail for us to start the transaction
not forgetting to include your private fax and phone number for easier communication.

Best Regards,