Subject: Re: Making money from open source
From: "Matt Asay" <>
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004 08:55:52 -0700

Glad you think so.  However, as the founder and managing director of the
conference, I have to say that the purpose isn't to make a lot of money.
 (As a full-time employee of Novell, I don't think they'd like that very
much, since I'm working on the conference with several people from other
companies/academic institutions.  :-)

Please contact me if you're interested in attending.  We're applying
selective, generous discounts to members of the community.  There is a
heavy business focus, but we'd like to make sure the capitalism of the
conference doesn't overwhelm the community.  This is why we have Larry
Lessig, Eben, and others there.  (Larry's keynote, in fact, will be a
warning cry to the IT vendors not to kill the open source goose that
laid the golden egg by overly commercializing it.)

Ping me @ masay at if you're interested in attending, but
can't afford the full-freight price.


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>>> DV Henkel-Wallace <> 03/06/04 10:10 AM >>>
Here's some folks with a working business model:

$1,500 to attend a conference on open source.

It does have an unusual list of speakers.