Subject: SMB Linux approaches?
From: "Karsten M. Self" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 16:02:16 -0800
Fri, 19 Mar 2004 16:02:16 -0800
I'm preparing materials for approaching SMBs for GNU/Linux-related
services.  The goals are twofold:  educational - provide actual exposure
to GNU/Linux, through Knoppix.  And, of course, consulting
opportunities, preferably along the lines of either setting up
servers/desktops, or referring services/solutions for more advanced
work.  I'm not personally set up to do PoS solutions, etc., but know
that they're out there.

Interested in what others are doing in this space.  I'd also like to
know / share ideas on pitching GNU/Linux.

I'm assuming that the typical target has heard the word "Linux" but
really doesn't know what it looks like or can do.  Enter Knoppix and
some info.

I'm also developing a tri-fold pamphlet to be distributed with the disk.

Since it's a tri-fold, theres:

  - Cover
  - Overleaf
  - Three inner panels
  - Back

As printed (play with a sheet of paper to work out the folds):

     Side 1
     |   Overleaf |    Back    |    Front   |
     |            |            |            |
     | Current IT |    Info    | What can   |
     |   Hassles  |            | Linux / FS |
     |            |            | do for your|
     |            |  Contact   |    SMB?    |
     |            |            |            |
     |            |            |            |
     |            |            |            |
     |            |            |            |

     Side 1
     |  Inside 1  |  Inside 2  |  Inside 3  |
     |            |            |            |
     | Linux Roles|   Linux    |   Knoppix  |
     |            |  Benefits  |     FAQ    |
     |            |      &     |            |
     |            |Testemonials|            |
     |            |            |            |
     |            |            |            |
     |            |            |            |
     |            |            |            |
     |            |            |            |

The front is "What can Linux and Free Software do for your Small /
Medium-Sized Business".

Overleaf:  a list of legacy MS Windows ills: Spam, Viruses, Computer
crashes, Operating system and application upgrade costs, Poor vendor
support, Security worries, Incompatible systems, Mandated hardware
upgrades, Popups, Spyware, ...

Three inner panels:  

    First covers GNU/Linux capabilities, roughly divided into Desktop,
    Server, Internet, Graphics, Audio, Business (accounting, other
    business systems, etc.), Point of Sale.  Flexible here.

    Second addresses how to utilize GNU/Linux and free software,
    emphasizing that there is free software for legacy MS Windows as
    well (Gimp, OpenOffice.  And / or benefits of GNU/Linux.  There's a
    CIO article this March that's worth mining for quotes:

    Third panel is adapted from my own Knoppix newbies FAQ, and
    addresses what can be done with the disk itself:

The back is a list of links to good free software / GNU/Linux starting
points, and my own contact information.

For the former, I've currently got:

    Information:, Newsforge, LDP, LinuxQuestions, 

    Software:  Debian.  GNUWin II

    Groups:  SVLUG, BALUG, NBLUG, LUGoD.

...with name/description and URL given.  I'm hoping to trim this down.
I'm sort of stuck for a best first point of information on GNU/Linux /
free software in general.  Nothing really fits the bag quite right.
Hrm. and IBM's linux site look pretty good.  HP's got
'', Sun's got neither '' nor
''.  For shame.  Even Microsoft turns up a page
for "" (though it's not particularly
useful ;-).

A good general "SMB computers / IT / IS" issues reference would also be

I'll post a link to the flyer shortly.  Again, interested in related
materials / pitches, used by others.

I'm also looking for some art for the front panel which is appropriate
and not encumbered.

I'd like the flyer itself to be freely distributable / reusable by


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