Subject: Re: SMB Linux approaches?
From: DV Henkel-Wallace <>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 16:56:13 -0800

On 19 Mar, 2004, at 16:02, Karsten M. Self wrote:

> I'm preparing materials for approaching SMBs for GNU/Linux-related
> services.  ...
> Interested in what others are doing in this space.  I'd also like to
> know / share ideas on pitching GNU/Linux....
> The [brochure] front is "What can Linux and Free Software do for
> your Small /Medium-Sized Business".

I would talk with some of your potential customers and show them the 
brochure.  See how they feel about it.  They'll generally say "oh, that 
looks good" but if you ask a few questions they may give you something 
more insightful.

The one thing that jumped out at me is "your Small /Medium-Sized 

I don't know how many people think of themselves as having a 
"small/medium-sized business."  They have a dry cleaning store / nail 
salon / insurance agency / restaurant / consignment store / steel shop 
/ nuclear-weapons-manufactory (OK, maybe not the last one).  If they 
don't think the right way (or alternatively: think they fit in but 
don't) you're not going to connect with the customer.

This is one of the reasons there are so few products aimed at the SMB 
sector: they're so hard to reach.

Whom _are_ you trying to address?