Subject: Re: SMB Linux approaches?
From: DV Henkel-Wallace <>
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 09:43:46 -0800

On 19 Mar, 2004, at 17:36, Karsten M. Self wrote:

> on Fri, Mar 19, 2004 at 04:56:13PM -0800, DV Henkel-Wallace 
> ( wrote:
>> I don't know how many people think of themselves as having a
>> "small/medium-sized business."  They have a dry cleaning store / nail
>> salon / insurance agency / restaurant / consignment store / steel shop
>> / nuclear-weapons-manufactor
> Point.
>> Whom _are_ you trying to address?
> Literally:  walk ups in my geographic area (Napa, CA).  Businesses I 
> can
> walk into.  In my case, that's going to be small professional shops,
> some area non-profits, wineries, etc.
> [...]
> What I'd like to address are small servers, desktop migration, network
> services, some data analysis (e.g.:  wine club membership management /
> targeting), etc.

Then address yourself to businesspeople in your area without 
restricting the size.  People will be able to tell by dint of:
1> The examples you give (chose a mix of the max and min size you think 
you can help)
2> The services you offer
3> Whether they physically got the brochure and your address.

I think you should look at how _other_ businesses advertise to the same 
- yellow pages
- cleaning services
- etc

And use a similar pitch.