Subject: Change: Books for Iraq get-together
From: Rich Bodo <>
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 08:58:08 -0800 (PST)

CHANGE: Get together still starts at 7PM. Movie time has changed to
10PM, so don't show at midnight, we'll be closing up by that time.

NOTES: We cannot send Linux Distros due to crypto restrictions.
Please do not bring Linux Distributions.  If you would like to bring
food or drink to the party, the more the merrier.  Thanks.


LOCAL Mountain View, CA USA: Books for Iraq Friday, March 26

Who: Linux Users Group of Iraq supporters, BookCrossing
members, people who read (that's you), bay area people.
What: Book collection, fundraiser, and networking event
Where: Freedom Technology Center, Mountain View, California
When: Friday, March 26 -- Books collected 9AM - midnight, pizza and
networking 7PM - 10PM, Movie 10PM - midnight
Why: "We need all kinds of computer books." -- Ashraf T. Hasson,
founder, Linux Users Group of Iraq

Donate an extra copy of a good computer book to help Linux and free
software education in Iraq. You bring the books, and we'll ship them!
Money donations are also welcome. Thanks to our sponsor BookCrossing
for supporting the event.

After dropping off your books, stay for pizza and sample the
educational and recreational facilities of the Freedom Technology
Center. We have a Linux-based training lab as well as video games and

The LUG of Iraq is establishing a Linux Center in Baghdad to conduct
training in all levels of Linux usage, administration and development.

Today in Baghdad, up-to-date PC hardware and all kinds of software are
readily available, but computer books are hard to get. The LUG needs
all computer books, not just the Linux-specific ones.

More info:

Rich Bodo | | 650-964-4678