Subject: Re: Change: Books for Iraq get-together
From: Bernard Lang <>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 17:17:57 +0200

Do they need distros ? 

 Where and how can it be sent ? or does one risk being sent to
Gantanamo Bay ?


On Fri, Mar 26, 2004 at 08:58:08AM -0800, Rich Bodo wrote:
> CHANGE: Get together still starts at 7PM. Movie time has changed to
> 10PM, so don't show at midnight, we'll be closing up by that time.
> NOTES: We cannot send Linux Distros due to crypto restrictions.
> Please do not bring Linux Distributions.  If you would like to bring
> food or drink to the party, the more the merrier.  Thanks.
> LOCAL Mountain View, CA USA: Books for Iraq Friday, March 26
> Who: Linux Users Group of Iraq supporters, BookCrossing
> members, people who read (that's you), bay area people.
> What: Book collection, fundraiser, and networking event
> Where: Freedom Technology Center, Mountain View, California
> When: Friday, March 26 -- Books collected 9AM - midnight, pizza and
> networking 7PM - 10PM, Movie 10PM - midnight
> Why: "We need all kinds of computer books." -- Ashraf T. Hasson,
> founder, Linux Users Group of Iraq
> Donate an extra copy of a good computer book to help Linux and free
> software education in Iraq. You bring the books, and we'll ship them!
> Money donations are also welcome. Thanks to our sponsor BookCrossing
> for supporting the event.
> After dropping off your books, stay for pizza and sample the
> educational and recreational facilities of the Freedom Technology
> Center. We have a Linux-based training lab as well as video games and
> pinball.
> The LUG of Iraq is establishing a Linux Center in Baghdad to conduct
> training in all levels of Linux usage, administration and development.
> Today in Baghdad, up-to-date PC hardware and all kinds of software are
> readily available, but computer books are hard to get. The LUG needs
> all computer books, not just the Linux-specific ones.
> More info:
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