Subject: Re: WebSphere in Netcraft Apache numbers?
From: "Karsten M. Self" <>
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 01:48:37 -0800
Fri, 2 Apr 2004 01:48:37 -0800
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> >: > Do you guys know (I've always wondered)?...does NetCraft roll the
> >: > WebSphere numbers in with Apache numbers?  Or is the 68% cleanly  
> >OSS
> >: > Apache?
> >
> >If its got Apache in the server header then we'll include it with the  
> >Apache numbers.
> >Neither the Oracle nor the IBM badge engineered Apache's have any great
> >number of sites, though they do have plenty of "enterprise class"  
> >customers,
> >particularly the IBM one.

Interesting.  Reminds me of a question I tossed to Brian Behlendorf
after reading (the otherwise very good)  Social Life of Information  by
John Sealy Brown.  Which I just realized now is a very strong
pre-criticism of the offshoring phenomenon....

JSB, working for "The Document Company", Xerox, fails to include more
than a token reference to the Web (if at all), and none at all for
Apache.  Which, as a "document engine", likely turns out more pages in a
day than all of Xerox's capacity does in a month or a year.  I found
this to be a very telling oversight.

And in a roundabout way for a roundabout post, I'll note that the Dow
Jones Industrial Average was rejiggered again today.  Among the outs are
Kodak, International Paper, and AT&T.  Among the ins, Verizon, AIG, and
Pfizer.  I don't recall if Xerox ever  was  among the 30, but its day is
long past.  It's the end of emulsion, paper, and landlines.  But
\/|@gr/\, finance, and cell phones?



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