Subject: North Carolina initiatives [was: Wall Street article on a new Cooperative]
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 17:02:11 +0900

FWIW, I followed up on the "North Carolina Secretary of State"
reference, and it might be interesting to FSBs in that neighborhood,
or to those who would like to make useful, concrete suggestions to
their own local pols.

I don't see "real" leadership here, just a government that for once is
within sight of the leading runners, but YMMV.  And of course it's a
leader among local governments; as Jean points out, it deserves
attention from other governments for its efforts.

NB: is a complete red herring
AFAGoogleCT, except where it points to the ITS and ETS subdomains.

Summary of a very quick look around: "middleware" mentions Linux a
lot, as in "this works on Linux", typically because it's written in
Java.  Still, mentioning the FLOSS platforms (BSDs are mentioned as
well), and presumably having spent money and effort testing it, is

I didn't really see much in the "NCSTA" pages, it was a lot easier to
find Microsoft-oriented initiatives, with no "it would be nice if it
were FLOSS" caveats either, except for Red Hat Enterprise Linux
getting approximately equal billing with .NET.  (-> Statewide Technical
Architecture -> Implementation Guidelines under the NCSTA URL.)

If anyone cares to, I'd appreciate more information about this kind of
thing, off list if you think it's inappropriate for FSB.

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